As an engine of art, the Picasso Inn fulfills its goal of being a canvass for contemporary local artists. Its facilities mirror this goal and thus, every room and floor of its facilities are reflective of its namesake’s artistic genius . Check out the facilities of the Picasso Inn and be amazed with the fusion of art and functionality.

Not to forget, Picasso Inn also provides recreational facilities such as an indoor pool and roof top garden as your leisure area. Business facilities such as meeting rooms, projectors and photocopying services are also available for those of you who will hold meetings with colleagues.

A number of good places to eat around the hotel can be a filling dining option. Located about 4 minutes from the location of Safin Inn Hotel, you will find Seafood 45 restaurant.

In addition, there is Roti Bakar Eddy Haji which is located 7 minutes away and Yesterday Backyard — a unique cafe with a workshop feel within 4 minutes from Picasso Inn.